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Monthly Archives: October 2006


I’m about to disappear for a while to get married, so there most likely won’t be posts here for a while. On another subject entirely… last year I realized that there doesn’t seem to be a very easy way to get an overview of all the free software conferences going on worldwide. The last week […]

More on synchronization

I started a draft implementation of my identity synchronization idea. In the course of doing this I ran across a minor problem.My initial idea was to keep things very simple: a shared resource would be a collection of bits, and the users of the API would handle all aspects of interpretation. The library would handle […]

Gnome 3.0 links

I’ve been reading about Gnome 3.0 lately and I’ve run across some interesting links. I thought the lazuli mockups looked quite nice. One problem I see in Gnome is that many programs feel quite heavy — e.g., I use evolution only for its calendar, and it seems like an awful lot of UI for something […]

Recent Hacking

Lately I’ve been doing some random Gnome hacking. I’ve been a bit bored with what I’ve been working on recently (SRPM hacking — I hate this stuff) so I’ve cast around a bit for other things to do. At first I was playing with frysk, but I promised myself that I would be a dilettante […]