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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Dancing with myself

Every time I go on a trip I plan to spend half a day “setting up my laptop”. Mostly this means copying files back and forth until it somewhat resembles my main machine, and hoping I haven’t forgotten anything (say, for instance, the time I went to the RH Summit and forgot to bring the […]

Feeding the beast

The other day at the library I realized that, once again, I’ve been missing a lot of good free movies because I never remember to look at the calendar. So, I decided to feed the beast a little: I sent email to a few organizations I like, asking them to consider publishing their (currently lame) […]

Bumptop again

Up until now I’ve thought that bumptop (and lowfat, and to a lesser extent croquet) was pretty but not very useful. The demos show a lot of nice file manipulation tools, but I use nautilus very rarely; so bumptop has seemed like it put a lot of energy into the wrong place. I’ve been thinking […]

Silly desktop idea

A sillly destop idea: .desktop files should start with “#! some-new-program” and be executable. Then I could run them directly from the command line. Naturally the script interpreter would know how to parse command line arguments and pass them on to the underlying program appropriately.

Gnome Deployment

I was reading about Gnome 3.0 recently (and I’m working on a long post about it), when I ran across a post by Luis Villa about Gnome versus web development. (BTW you should read his blog if you don’t already.) I found this pretty compelling in general — it is a nice analysis and it […]

Strategic Incompetence

I happened across a post about strategic incompetence — the idea that it is better to appear to be incompetent at unpleasant tasks, so that other people will do them for you. I’m sure we’ve all encountered this in our work. I know I have; I’ve occasionally regretted demonstrating any knowledge of how autoconf and […]

Frysk in the Present and Future

I read Federico’s post about finding poll() wakeups and got really excited about the idea of using frysk to do this. Unfortunately I looked and frysk doesn’t yet have symbol table lookups, so there’s really no good way to set a breakpoint yet, or to fetch the local callback variables. What a bummer. frysk offers […]

District B13

Since hearing about parkour somewhere I was interested in seeing District B13 (btw I never liked making imdb links for films, but I found wikipedia — of course — has a film project so I plan to make links there). It finally came out on DVD and I rented it the other night. First, it […]

Auto-tools Slides

I’ve uploaded the slides from my auto-tools talk at NCLUG last night. I had a great time up there, as always, though I missed Bob Proulx this time. I thought the talk went well. It was a gentle intro to the auto-tools: what they do, how to read the common bits, where to get more […]

Random Stuff

A few random things. Hook a small camera to a video iPod-like-device… and you could make a TiVo for real life. I spent part of Sunday trying to figure out a joke about “Car-pool chunnel syndrome”. But really this isn’t funny. If I had an elephant I would name him Babar Fett. Thank you for […]