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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Playing with frysk

I read a thread on the valgrind list about tracking bogus close calls, and I immediately thought that this would be a good job for frysk. So, I gave it a try. It was absurdly easy to write… First, frysk has included ftrace in its tree for a while — this is a very simple […]


Should I be embarrassed that I enjoyed this movie? Ever since Super Troopers (another film I rarely own up to liking) I’ve vowed to watch all the Broken Lizard films as they arrive. I was disappointed by Club Dread. And, truthfully, Beerfest isn’t really all that great. Nevertheless, I’ve been a bit unhappy lately, and […]


I heard about JNotify via the debian-java list today, so I downloaded it and gave it a whirl. While some of the code is a bit yucky (direct calls to syscall? Who does that?), it works quite nicely. And, in true Java style, it makes an effort to be cross-platform; a Windows port is included. […]

Gnome Art

Is it appropriate to say that one has “discovered” a web site? A random aside. Yesterday I discovered Some nice background images are there, and I immediately wondered why this isn’t directly integrated into the Gnome background chooser. Of course, once I thought this I raced forward to thinking: Gnome really ought to interact […]

What’s good for the goose

I’ve been thinking more about the opening of Java. It is interesting how all the attention has been focused on Sun opening their implementation. For the most part this makes sense, of course — Sun is the center of the Java universe, and the first decision to open has to come from them. But… seeing […]

Open Source Java

You’ve probably already read about Sun’s continuing effort to open source Java. And, before I get too far into what I have to say — my preliminary reaction is that this is awesome. Sun has even made a couple nice ways to provide feedback. I think quite frequently about the properties that a free Java […]

Fedora Core 6 (test 2)

Last week I installed FC6 test 2 on my laptop. I did an upgrade (using CDs) from my FC5 install. The install itself went very well. Anaconda weirdly showed strange characters while in text mode, but this was ignorable. FC6 is shipping a new Eclipse — 3.2. This works pretty well; I found a bug […]

Miami Vice

As I left the theater, an albino guy was sitting by the bike racks, smoking a cigarette. As I passed he said, “that was a movie with no soul”. And though it was interesting, at times gripping, and darker than the series — yeah. Normally a good soulless movie reminds me not to be too […]


A few people responded to the “task manager” part of my last post to point out Mathusalem. This is exactly what I was hoping for — perfect! In other news, FC6 test 2 is out. I’m downloading it now.

New Stuff Manager

I read about the New Stuff Manager on some Gnome list recently. Essentially it is a way to download python applets (into the deskbar… I don’t think I know what that is) from the net. The design is rather scary… as in, maybe it will have signatures of some kind for security. No sandboxing available. […]