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Monthly Archives: July 2006


I’m back home now. I already miss Toronto — I had an excellent time there. Andrew Overholt, Ben Konrath, and Tom Fitzsimmons showed me around town, thanks guys. If you’re ever in Toronto, be sure to try Fressen, a great vegetarian restaurant. As far as I know there’s nothing like this in the Denver metro […]


I’m in Toronto this week, visiting the office and talking with co-workers. It is as great here as always; I love the occasional visit to a big city, riding the subway, etc — doing the kinds of things you can’t do in Boulder. Seeing folks face-to-face occasionally is also very helpful for my morale; brainstorming […]

kernel config

I ran across the Eclipse kernel configuration plugin today. I haven’t tried it — and I assume, forgive me, that it isn’t actually useful yet — but nevertheless I think this is a cool idea. First of all, any connection to the kernel is like magic dirt to rub on programs (in this case Eclipse) […]


I’m in Moab for the weekend, remembering why I like the southwest.