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Monthly Archives: June 2006


I went to the local print shop today.  It turns out that they are switching to Linux.  I asked why and they said “because we hate Microsoft”. “Great,” I thought.  So I told them I worked at Red Hat… blank stares.  Elyn asked what distro they’re installing (way to go Elyn!) and they said Kubuntu […]

Mac versus CUPS

Today I finally set up my printer so that Elyn can print from her laptop. This turned into a long struggle and now I remember why I quit being a sysadmin. First I made a little hole in the firewall so her Mac could access the appropriate ports. This actually is fairly easy — just […]

Web Pages

I’ve been looking at moving my blog to something less lame – right now I can’t blog while I’m traveling, which is why I still haven’t written about my trip to the Red Hat Summit. I’ve also been looking at other software for creating web sites. While exploring I ran across the Open Source CMS […]