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Monthly Archives: May 2006

A Couple libgcj Updates

I’ve been working steadily on replacing gcj’s front end with the Java compiler from Eclipse. This is largely working now. I have a new main program for the Eclipse compiler, and I have gcc set up to invoke this (via the magic of gcc specs — an evil little ad hoc scripting language that you […]

Eclipse and Teams

In Classpath we’ve narrowly avoided most of the team-related Eclipse problems Daniel Berrange mentions encountering. Partly this has been because we’re all mad free software hackers, and so we don’t even try to ensure we all have the same tools. Instead folks doing development in Eclipse have a choice of operating systems and of virtual […]


Last week I drove up to Fort Collins to give a talk about gcj at NCLUG. I thought it went pretty well… I gave an updated version of my old talk from FOSDEM 2004, but then deleted the slides by mistake when I was trying to upload them. The problem with my computer (and me!) […]


So the buzz is that Sun will really actually truly free Java sometime. Details, timeline, license, etc.: TBD. This makes me feel very weird. I assume for a moment that it is true and that it happens under acceptable conditions: it comes pretty soon, it is complete, it is under a non-crazy license. On the […]

Another One

Today I wrote another optimization pass for gcj. This one collapses equivalent vtable references and array length references. You’d think that GCC itself would do this, but there’s no way to tell the optimizers that a given field is write-once. Really I should fix GCC to do this… but writing a new pass is easy […]

It’s that time of year

SlashDot is running a story speculating about Sun open-sourcing their Java implementation. Hey, it must be just about time for JavaOne again! It is sad how predictable this PR campaign is. And how predictable the reaction.