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Monthly Archives: January 2006

gcjx non-status

This week I proposed killing gcjx and replacing it with the Eclipse compiler. Per had looked into this before, but this proposal was triggered by a comment that Andrew made on irc that same morning. I surprised myself by taking to it with enthusiasm. Since then I’ve done some more investigation. This project seems very […]


I was looking around today and noticed that Frysk has a redesigned web page. Looking good! The “questions” page seems to be fleshed out a bit more, at least as compared to what I remember. For one thing it is a lot clearer about the relative strengths of frysk and gdb. Nice job guys.


Graydon pointed me at a paper on context threading, a somewhat different way to organize an interpreter. It is a nice trick — subroutine threading with a twist, or a baby step toward JITting. It is a way to avoid trashing the pipeline, which happens in an ordinary interpreter due to all the unpredictable branching. […]

Trying Chandler

I downloaded and installed Chandler yesterday, and copied over my (few) appointments to try it out. I only use evolution for its calendar, and I’ve left it running as well so that I can more easily compare the two side-by-side. Chandler installed easily — the FC2 RPM installed without hitch on my FC4 box. There’s […]

Netx RPM

I’ve packaged Netx for FC5: x86 RPM, SRPM. Thanks to Anthony this version will install itself as the handler for JNLP files. WARNING: I’ve disabled the security code in this version, so use at your own risk. Install it and you will have a new javaws command. Now you can try a couple fun things. […]


I went through a number of the applications on the connect and work site, trying them with netx and gij. Only a few really worked, mostly due to bugs in our still-new swing implementation. However, Rockz is a fun game that actually works great. Last night I made a netx RPM; I’ll post it once […]

Absurd JNLP Site

I ran across this absurd JNLP site the other day. It has 2,927 web-startable applications on it. I need to find a minion to test each one of these with gcj and netx. Please email me to volunteer. Voight-Kampff Politically relevant Voight-Kampff test.

Java versus C# Delegates

This white paper explains why Java doesn’t have C#-style delegates. It should be read with care; the “application footprint” section is pretty bogus, contrasting the existing reality of delegates with a hypothetical (but easily possible) future world where anonymous classes have less metadata. What I found most interesting about this paper, though, is its bigger […]


I saw that a new Chandler release came out, and that reminded me of a missing interconnection. I read a number of mailing lists via the excellent Gmane news gateway. This is great because I can open a group and reply to a message. Sometimes, though, I’ll run across a posting to some mailing list […]

A couple Frysk notes

Frysk remains a bit opaque, unfortunately — there’s a steady stream of cvs commits but little action on the mailing list and little marketing. That’s too bad… sometime soon I’ll try to find out more about what is going on and talk about it here. One thing that did float by on the mailing list […]