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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Consumer Linux

This Christmas I bought an iPod Nano for Elyn and ran into a lot of software ugliness. First, her computer runs Windows 98, and, apparently, cannot be upgraded to some more recent version of Windows. That sucks, but is apparently unfixable. Naturally, iTunes doesn’t support 98. Some sites on the web suggest that, perhaps, you […]

Medi8 Thoughts

There’s been a fair amount of activity in the open source video editing space lately, and unfortunately not nearly enough on medi8 (in fact we haven’t even updated our web site so there is nothing to see there, aside from the source). Instead of going through the other projects I thought I’d finally post my […]

Aeon Flux

My memories of the original Aeon Flux are, perhaps appropriately, fragmentary. Back in the day I didn’t get MTV and in the end I think I only saw two episodes all the way through. (Remember when MTV was interesting?) In any case, I remember liking what I saw, so I was looking forward to the […]

C++ compilation

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about C and C++ development lately. In particular I’ve been thinking along the lines of, “how can we make C++ development as easy as Java development?”. This turns out to touch a lot of different things, and I’m going to blog more fully about it later. Today […]

gcjx generics milestone

Last week I got gcjx to successfully parse and analyze the Classpath generics branch. I only needed a couple of hacks to get there :-). More recently I fixed some of the remaining problems with 1.5 code generation — I added code to generate bridge methods and handle enum-typed switches. Now I’m going to switch […]


I’m going to go out of order a bit here and describe two different NetBeans talks together, though they happened on different days. Then I’ll use this as a place to discuss some interesting NetBeans-related conversations and explorations. Charlie Hunt gave a talk titled, “NetBeans: Pushing Java Productivity”. (There’s that word again.) This talk was […]