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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Muito Sou Java

Geir talked again about Apache, Harmony, and Geronimo. It was again basically the same talk, so I didn’t note much. He did say that Intel’s contribution of the JCE framework (no providers, they use GNU Crypto, Jessie, and Bouncy Castle for that) included 3000 test cases – definitely need to investigate that for Mauve. He […]

Floyd Marinescu

Floyd is a friendly guy, from Canada, formerly of, who is going to launch his own site soon. It sounds quite good; I’m looking forward to it and I’ll post about it when it is live. Unfortunately I missed the first part of Floyd’s talk about trends in Java, since I got locked in […]

Sou Java

A couple days later the Sou Java event started. This was held only in Sao Paulo. The first talk was given by Robert Brewin, a Distinguished Engineer at Sun. He is very tall, and one supposes this is not unrelated to his lofty position. By contrast I suspect those of us in the audience felt, […]


I’m back from Brazil. This was a fairly bizarre experience — Sao Paulo is enormously big (20 million people) and also the world’s best argument for zoning laws; Ean Schuessler is a virtuoso of weird on the level of Survival Research Labs; and for some unfathomable reason Bruno refers to me only by my last […]

Cacao and Eclipse

Today, for no readily discernible reason, I set up Cacao with Eclipse project files. This gives another easy way to hack on Classpath — you can check out Classpath, then check out Cacao, and as soon as it is done building (this happens automatically) you will have a fully working Classpath development environment. Changes to […]

Gdb Stuff

This gdb patch from Michael Snyder is pretty cool. It adds new checkpoint and restart commands to gdb; the former is used to save a copy of the debuggee’s state at the current moment, and the latter is used to resume debugging at the saved point. The implementation is nicely simple — make the inferior […]

International Java Developers Conference

In a week or so I’ll be at the International Java Developers Conference in Sao Paulo. I’m very excited about this! It is in Brazil, which is exotic and cool, and this year I’ve just missed a few opportunities to give a talk there — it is good to finally make it. But more importantly, […]

Operator Overloading

This weekend I thought a bit about operator overloading in Java. I thought I’d write up some of the things I considered. Basic Approach My first idea was something similar to what C# does — allow essential operators to be overloaded, but not unusual ones like || or .. In C#, operators must be public […]

More Ajax

It turns out that a lot of folks are doing the ajax-based web front page thing. Alexander Larsson told me about Netvibes, but there is also fyuze, Protopage, and (how could I have missed this?) Google Reader. I would imagine that My Yahoo will move this direction someday too. Netvibes in particular looks amazingly similar […]

Services Versus Software

I found out about last week and I’ve been playing with it (even though it is written by MS, boo). I think it compares very favorably to older “newspaper” applications like My Yahoo. For one thing, the UI is notably cooler – nice clean design. It seems to be a new-style Ajax application, though […]