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Monthly Archives: October 2005


I haven’t seen much hype for frysk, though it certainly deserves some. (And, by the way, no, the “K.” mentioned on that page is not Franz Kafka’s compiler-writing alter ego. Though, to be sure, there are parallels between programming and The Castle.) Having a programmable monitor and debug tool would be super handy. There’s a […]

Trying out KDE

I had a few frustrations with Gnome after upgrading my main machine to FC4, so I’ve been giving KDE a try this week. I have to say, amaroK is very nice, the best music player I’ve tried. I find, to my surprise, that I love all the weird little gui things they do. I don’t […]

Japi Update

A quick update on Classpath… a few days ago we hit 96% of 1.4 without much fanfare. Seeing as we were at 92% just a month ago… you do the math. Of course, that is 1.4. How are we doing against 1.5, the target that really matters these days? That is harder to say. Comparing […]

Tools Matter

gcjx is a moderately-sized C++ program, 73,000 lines as counted by wc. On this machine, even when taking advantage of g++’s precompiled header feature, it takes 14 minutes to build. By way of contrast, using jikes to build the 900,000 lines of java code in Classpath takes 15 seconds on the same machine. Now, in […]


“Civilization is the agreement to have gaps between wars,” writes Jeff Lint, subject of the biography Lint. This is an unusual book that I picked up at the library on a whim. Parts of it are outrageously funny, for instance the whole “Belly” sequence, Lint’s cartoon TV show, and the description of his proposed Star […]

gcjx marches on

Ranjit has done some nice work on gcjx recently, adding visitor methods to the model and writing code to print the AST — in a lispy format, no less. I’ve also been hard at work on gcjx. I set up a special install tree so that I could test gcjx-compiled object code against a known-to-work […]


Yesterday my DSL router suddenly and mysteriously stopped working. After some futzing about, and a realization of the strange fact that lack of internet access translates immediately into a sense of isolation, I called Qwest. I was expecting an irritating hassle, but instead they overnighted a new router to me. Thanks Qwest! I’m a whole […]

McVoy strikes again

Disturbing news. How can a company like McVoy’s even stay in business? It baffles me. Source control is important, but surely employee morale is more important.