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Monthly Archives: September 2005


Moneyball is as excellent a book as I had heard. I checked it out from the library yesterday, and, forgetting everything I know about myself, decided to read a chapter just before bed. Predictably, I couldn’t put it down and now I’m paying for it. It was worth it though.

Denver Java Users Group

I gave a talk about gcj to the Denver Java Users Group last Wednesday. Essentially I gave an updated version of my FOSDEM 2004 talk. (While updating it was fun to see that we went from a 54% japi score to a 92% score…) I think the talk went quite well — much better than […]

Important Vampire Question

Do teenage vampires prefer carbonated blood?

Transporter 2

Sequels seem to have a real problem with plot continuity. Maybe the creators get distracted by trying to be systematically more flashy than the original, and forget entirely about things like plot, sequential action, and the like. Transporter 2 succumbs not only to this problem, but to the “greasy evil” problem; that is the one […]

Ninety Percent

I just got back from a very interesting trip (which I can’t really discuss). In the meantime, Stuart changed the compiler used for our nightly API comparisons (to avoid a bug) and as a result Classpath is 90% complete.