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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Refactoring C++

In preparation for a demo I’m giving soon, I’ve been playing more with the new CDT release. I think the biggest change is support for refactoring. In my little experiments I was able to rename classes, macros, methods (though I haven’t tried virtual methods yet), functions, and variables. Pretty cool! The way this works under […]

Random idea of the day

I recently read that the PIDA IDE has integrated support for pastebin. This seems like a great idea to me – I often think about ways to more fully integrate irc into my development experience. Bots are doing a lot of nice tasks these days — the CIA bot, bots for talking to bugzilla, and […]

Eclipse and Classpath

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to see how easy I can make it to work on GNU Classpath from inside Eclipse. Since the big merge in libgcj, working directly on Classpath has become the preferred mode of development, at least for most ordinary library changes. To this end, first I updated the […]

Some good patent news

I read recently that Red Hat will help fund programmers seeking to get patents. This seems like a great idea to me, I’m glad it is happening. Music Ever listen to 80s pop/funk where they run the singer’s voice through some synthesizer thingie? Well, I have. And yesterday I heard a song like that on […]

My Own Talk

Naturally I didn’t take any notes during my own talk, so I forgot to mention it when I wrote up the events of Thursday at OSCON. Oops. This was not the best talk I’ve given. In fact I would venture to say it was pretty bad overall. To me it seemed a bit flat and […]

O’Reilly Radar and Numbers

On Thursday I went to another talk by Tim O’Reilly (and Roger Magoulas too) about data and visualization and stuff like that. A lot of it was a recap of his keynote from the day before, but some stuff was new and even surprising. For instance, there are 4 or 5 people working on this […]

The Two Threats

I read Perens’ patent nonsense with mild dismay today; mild because, luckily, Perens seems to have lost much of his influence on the community. As I’ve said before, patents are the major external threat to free software, and must be taken very seriously. I’m glad to see what the OSDL has done. The mistake Perens […]

Thursday at OSCON

Thursday starts with a fairly interesting keynote about the similarities between TCP/IP and containerized shipping. I didn’t write down the speaker’s name or anything, but his basic message is that these things aren’t so different: standard packets for shipping variable content enables all kinds of efficiencies. This is cute but I think only applies in […]


I forgot to mention that on Wednesday I attended part of The Conway Channel 2005, starring Damian Conway. I wanted to attend this since I’ve heard that Conway is a great speaker, and plus I was curious about the state of Perl. My impression has been that Perl is dying and furthermore doing so in […]

OSCON: Chris DiBona from Google

My impression of Chris is that he is like a spider and only giving this talk with a couple of legs, while the others hack or send email or something. This is a compliment in case you can’t tell, his attention wasn’t noticeably elsewhere. Why open source? According to Chris, “No one can tell us […]