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Monthly Archives: July 2005

O’Reilly Open Source Conference

I’ll be at OSCON all next week, and on Thursday I’ll be giving a talk about the state of free JVMs. Come by and talk to me if you’re in the Portland area. I’m really looking forward to this conference, it is the first really big one where I’m giving a gcj-related talk. Patch Tracking […]

The Last Shot

A cute and sometimes funny film based on a true story about the FBI making a movie as a sting operation. They kind of tacked a Hollywood ending on it though. The Wedding Crashers I love Vince Vaughn and his crazed raconteur style of humor. Also I have an unfortunate affinity for goofy, slapstick movies. […]

Big Classpath Merge

I finally checked in the Big Classpath Merge. This has been hanging over my head for quite a while; I’m happy to have it all checked in. This should greatly reduce the amount of time we spend merging fixes between Classpath and libgcj. Now you should be able to check out Classpath directly into your […]

Fantastic Four

Marvel never had the best comics, and this translates pretty well to film. Or, in other words, this movie was pretty bad. Avoid. Upcoming At the theater I saw a poster for V for Vendetta. This is one of the few graphic novels I own, and I’ve always hoped they would turn it into a […]


I mentioned Jump in passing last week and a helpful reader pointed me to its successor, uDig. uDig looks pretty cool. It is written as an Eclipse RCP application, which is fun. Read the tutorial, some screenshots are there. My correspondent (I’m not sure of the etiquette here so I opted to keep him anonymous) […]

Batman Begins

Although parts of this movie were goofy — such as the glaring logical inconsistencies in the villain’s reasoning, or Bruce Wayne pointlessly hammering boards over the well behind his burnt out mansion — I still thought it was the best of the Batman movies. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this film, which was spookier than […]


On the recommendation of Anthony, who was visiting late last week, I played around with iRATE a bit. iRATE is a collaborative music rating program. It plays (freely available) songs for you and you rate them; over time the music you hear “gets better” as it tries to pick songs that it thinks you will […]