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Monthly Archives: June 2005

GlassFish Oops

I actually went and read through the GlassFish project web pages (well, just the main page, since parts like the FAQ inexplicably require a login and acceptance of the JRL — haha) and I see I was mistaken. It turns out this is their application server, not the JDK. So, ignore that earlier entry where […]


I read that Sun tries another approach to sharing Java today. They apparently are starting something called “GlassFish” which is somehow a window into their development process. Actually from the article it is hard to tell whether this is a new effort or just the same old one with a new label. But, like many […]


This weekend I looked into Regain a little. This is a desktop search tool written in java that uses Lucene. Unfortunately at the moment it is pretty raw. It uses Swing, and one of its dependencies uses awful reflection hacks to get at Sun-specific classes — I think to make it possible to have an […]

Better Tools

I read Dave Jones’ comments about better tools yesterday. Not that it helps kernel hackers, but in Java land there are a variety of useful tools; they really are hugely better than the corresponding C or C++ tools. Eclipse compiles while you type and has all kinds of nice features based on the fact that […]