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Monthly Archives: May 2005


I liked Anthony’s post about looking forward quite a bit. It is definitely time to be thinking about the next big targets. In particular I liked his approach of looking at existing programs we can make work. So far this has worked quite well for us, and I think it can continue to work well […]

Java Web Start

Today I looked into Java Web Start a little and tried out netx using gcj. The demo program worked just fine, which surprised me a bit. For those not in the know, Java Web Start is a simple way to download (and cache) and run java applications. As I understand it, you write a little […]

gcj and applet viewing

Our current idea for the next big gcj project is to make applets work. Lately, however, my hacking has mostly been fixing bugs and redoing the build system so that we can more easily merge with Classpath — boring stuff. So, last week when I happened across a java chess game applet at the excellent […]

Project Harmony

There’s been a lot of fuss about Project Harmony this week, not to mention renewed efforts in the Gnome language wars, OO.o madness, and the like. “Harmony” is a funny name for a project, not only because of the name’s historical Qt connection, but also due to the Orwellian requirement of always naming in opposition […]


I read Freakonomics this week. This is a fairly entertaining book, dealing with topics like the economics of crack dealing or baby naming. The Accidental Theorist I also read The Accidental Theorist by Paul Krugman. This seems to be just a collection of his columns from the mid 90s, so it isn’t all that relevant […]

JNI Thought

One problem that occurs when writing JNI code is that it is easy to mistype a method name or signature, yielding errors only detectable at runtime. Another problem is that if you change a class, you might forget to update your JNI code, giving the same problem along a different path. Neither of these problems […]