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Monthly Archives: April 2005

gcjx milestone

gcjx can now build all of libgcj, at least if you provide it with the correct flags. I’ve been finding compiler bugs by running a small gcjx-compiled program and looking into the crashes. GCC as library? Ranjit suggests that GCC might profitably be split into parts with well-defined APIs separating them. I think there’s little […]

The Interpreter

I like these action movies with slow-moving parts. This one had a couple of flaws.. Sean Penn seemed a little flat in some ways. There was also a section I thought was poorly edited, and in fact at first I thought they must have put in the wrong reel. That was the low point, and […]

Kung Fu Hustle

A long, long time ago I read an album review in Trouser Press or something like that which said, “listening to this album is like riding a shovel into a giant mound of whipped cream”. What always struck me about this is its ambiguity, and I still think about this review whenever I review an […]

Back from Santa Fe

We went to Santa Fe this weekend for Elyn’s birthday, some needed rest, and our annual green chile infusion. Despite a low-level illness on my part this all went swimmingly. We had an awesome meal at Pasqual’s. While there we stayed, as usual, with Mark Galassi. In addition to his stimulating conversation and extensive library […]

La Dolce Vita

It is time for The Conference on World Affairs again, so Roger Ebert is in town doing cinema interruptus. I never go to the interruptus parts, since I tire easily of hearing the same people spout uninteresting comments. But, I try to always get to the uninterrupted showing; Ebert says some funny and interesting things […]

Sin City

A disturbing mix of violence and sex. Some call it nihilistic, but I wouldn’t go that far… instead it merely demonstrates the idea that no good deed goes unpunished. Graphically interesting, though for completely-made-up movies I much preferred the visuals in Sky Captain.

The F Word Song

I heard a great song on KGNU yesterday. I loved the words and the delivery was very unusual. I’ve been singing it to myself all day.