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gcjx tree generation

As Mark
pointed out
, last week I sent out a gcjx status
. I’ve done a lot of gcjx hacking recently, though, and some
of this is now out of date.

In particular, I wrote most of the code for the binary
compatibility ABI, and I made the source-to-tree path robust enough to
compile all of libjava. I also wrote most of the tree-lowering
support for the new 1.5 language features; the only remaining things
are the new metadata (which requires work on libgcj as well), and
switch statements of enum type.

As a simple test, I got this program working when compiled to
native (linked against a prebuilt libgcj, not one made with gcjx yet):

public class q
  public static void main(String[] args)
    for (String x : args)

Also, I have patches to get a good part of the build working —
you can build the gcj driver now and get at least
partway into the libjava build.

So, expect another gcjx patch flood soon…