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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Libc oops

Ulrich almost immediately wrote me to say that my previous blog entry was wrong and that glibc has had that functionality for quite some time. I didn’t see anything here, so I went to glibc cvsweb and dug around and found dlmopen.c, which seems to do what I want. Bogus that I didn’t see this […]

First Code

Last night, just in time for FOSDEM, I got working assembly code out of gcjx for the first time. It was a do-nothing program, of course, but nevertheless this is a big milestone. In particular this means that a fair amount of tree lowering works; the driver works; various lang hooks and interconnects with GCC […]


Thanks to the patient help of Andrew Haley, the other day I finally got to see Jonas running pre-compiled with gcj. Right now I have a couple of “special” hacks in my tree to make this work, but today I found out that they can be blessed as real patches in short order. I’m planning […]

Why LLVM Matters

One of my wish-list items for libgcj hacking is to port the whole mess to LLVM. LLVM is a low level virtual machine; I think of it as a rough equivalent of the GCC middle and back ends, only written in C++ and with a more flexible design. For instance, LLVM can be used as […]

New Laptop

Red Hat sent me a new laptop, replacing my ancient powerbook. It is an excellent machine, notably more powerful than its predecessor. For instance, I can actually build gcjx on it in a reasonable amount of time. Finally a machine I can give Eclipse demos on The FC3 install went very smoothly, though I haven’t […]

distcc and java

Some folks are working on modifying javac to work with distcc. I really should reply to this on-list… what they are doing sort of overlaps with Anthony’s earlier efforts in this area. Plus which, modifying a proprietary compiler is ugly. I’m not so sure that having distcc work for ordinary Java compilation makes that much […]