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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Binary Compatibility How-To

Inspired by the GCC wiki appearing on, I wrote a short how-to about using the new binary compatibility mode and the libgcj database (aka caching jit) feature. This is by far the simplest way to deploy existing applications using gcj. It works for Eclipse, and this is how I tried out Derby the other […]

Derby and gcj

Today I gave Derby a quick try using gcj. I followed the same basic approach as I used when compiling Eclipse. That is, I compiled all the jar files with -findirect-dispatch, stuck them in a libgcj class mapping database, and ran gij using the compiled shared libraries. This all compiled without trouble and the command-line […]

God of Cookery

Kurth told me about this movie about ten years ago, but I forgot all about it until I happened to see the box on the counter at Video Station a couple of weeks ago. Even then I had to wait since, apparently, it is checked out frequently. This movie — a kind of riches-to-rags-to-riches story […]

Garbage Collection

Casey recently wrote about the woes of garbage collection. Here’s my unsolicited take on the subject. The big plus for GC is that it enables better software engineering. A bit of global information — whether or not an object is potentially in use — is handled globally, and no particular of user module is responsible […]

gcjx now in gcc

A few days ago I finally moved gcjx development from sourceforge to The branch is named gcjx-branch. It isn’t fully hooked up to the build system yet, but you can build the gcjx directory standalone and have a bytecode compiler. I also recently ran jacks tests of both gcj and gcjx. The results are […]

Eclipse in Fedora

A gcj-compiled Eclipse RPM is now in Fedora Core Rawhide; for instance look for “eclipse” here. This hasn’t shown up in the FC info feed yet, but it should soon. Thanks to Andrew Overholt, Tom Fitzsimmons, Bryce McKinlay (and probably others) for getting this all running.

Visitors and Multimethods

gcjx uses a simple version of the Visitor pattern for code generation. I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately, as experience with gcjx and random discussions with Graydon have been tweaking my interest in language design. For those who don’t know, visitors are basically a way to achieve dispatch on the dynamic type of […]

First Edit

Today I got my first simple edit working in medi8. This just means that now you can drag video clips onto tracks and, if they overlap, you can make a simple cut between them. For some reason whenever I talk about progress in a program I find that I wind up talking about everything that […]

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I liked this movie in the end. Anderson usually makes interesting sets, and this movie was no exception. Also there were nice little “magical realism” tidbits put in here and there. This was really much, much better than The Royal Tenenbaums (which I hated). Bill Murray, who is probably everybody’s favorite actor by now (I’ve […]

Meet the Fockers

Not as funny as Meet the Parents, but still only moderately disappointing. Due to the usual marketing thing, Zoolander was on TV recently. It seemed funnier the second time and sort of primed me for Fockers. In a way I suppose it makes sense to go watch sequels just so you can occasionally be surprised […]