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Monthly Archives: September 2004

GDirect Again

This evening I spent a little time hacking on GDirect. No new features, but now it is purely JNI based. This means it is portable to any JVM that uses JNI (i.e., basically all of them). I even tested this theory using both gij and the BEA JDK. Eventually I’ll probably add some gcj support […]

GDirect and Others

I did some research today into alternatives to GDirect. Time to do a little more hacking on it, I suppose. I’ve been talking to the NativeCall guys for a little while, hoping to convince them to take a more GDirect-like route. Their approach is more like Java reflection: construct an object representing a native call, […]

Eclipse again

I did a little hacking on Classpath using Eclipse again. You can really feel like you’re making progress this way: set it up, turn on a bunch of warnings, and then go fix them all. Eclipse even has a “Quick Fix” feature that will supply the fix for the really easy ones; lots of warnings […]

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I suppose the comparisons to Buck Rogers (look for the comic cameo in the movie) or perhaps Metropolis are inevitable, but for me the immediate comparison was to Careful or Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, solely due, I suppose, to the soft and fuzzy filtering. In any case, this is a movie that starts strong, […]

Scooby Doo 2

I liked the first Scooby Doo, so I rented this a couple nights ago. This is a complete stoner movie, but I found it pretty funny un-stoned. It even has a nice line about its own A-Team Sequence from Shaggy: “they’re having a whole montage in there without us”.

Fedora Core 2

I’m really enjoying Fedora Core 2 quite a bit. It has solved the memory problems I had with Red Hat 9 — over time RHL 9 would seem to forget about memory, and after a few weeks I would have to reboot or else enter swap more or less constantly). It’s like getting a whole […]


News on the gcjx front: Dalibor pointed out that it couldn’t build kaffe, so I fixed a lot of bugs (and added an iconv input converter). Now it all compiles; there seem to be some runtime problems, but neither of us has looked into it yet. I’ve got a big unfinished patch to add line […]


Last night I finally upgraded my main machine to FC2. I’m pretty cautious, since I don’t work in an office and so if I mess things up I could be pretty screwed. And, I’ve had some really bad upgrade experiences in the past — in fact a long series of them dating back to when […]

Anarchist Sneakers

Check out anarchist sneakers. Hitchens I read letters to a young contrarian last night. I enjoyed Hitchens’ writing quite a bit. He’s funny, self-deprecating, but also erudite and lets you know it. His relentless anti-religiosity is sort of a relief in these — what? — nothingness-forsaken times. He does include a long defense of reductionism […]