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Monthly Archives: August 2004

FindBugs is Cool

I was talking to Dalibor and he pointed me at the FindBugs paper, which is super-cool. Figure 14 (page 10) is particularly interesting. This is the one where they show Classpath as having 724 flagged bugs in 457 KLOC, and the 1.5 JDK as having 3,314 flagged bugs in 1,183 KLOC. First, the size disparity […]

Sad Day

A hard lesson from vet: we’re merely a syringe away from the grave. Today was sad. Elyn’s cat had cancer and was put to sleep. We buried her and planted a tree.

Eclipse and gcj

One of the big projects in gcj land this year is implementing the new binary compatibility ABI. I spent today trying it out on Eclipse. First I tried to set a baseline, so I ran Eclipse with gij. I had to add Mark’s little Makefile tweak to make this work (now on the branch); unit-at-a-time […]


While writing gcjx, I’ve come to think that our current language choices are really too weak for a programming task like this. For most of the work, C++ does just fine, but I’ve run into a couple of situations where a different approach would be notably better. First, consider generating synthetic methods. Java compilers have […]

Random Week

It was a sort of random week, where I did little bits of things all over. I’m switching projects here, from Eclipse back to gcj, and this week was a kind of transition period. I haven’t been hacking gcjx much lately. It’s been sort of hard to keep my morale up for it. However, Dalibor […]


This morning I did a little GDirect hacking. It now actually compiles and a short example program works. I checked it in to the gcjx repository, since that was convenient for me. It is in the “gdirect” module if you want to take a look. I think the next step will probably be developing a […]

Free Java. Take 7.

So, there was another “should Sun free Java?” debate, this time at OSCon. Once again, as far as I can tell, no one actually working on a free Java implementation was actually invited. Sigh. I tried to get Red Hat to send me, but getting that to happen is like pushing peas uphill. Reading the […]


I started doing some work on a free JDWP implementation yesterday, but today on a whim I looked, and it turns out there is a complete implementation of it in Eclipse already, complete with com.sun.jdi and a test suite, rewritten from scratch by IBM. That’s great news since it means debugging gcj-built programs with Eclipse […]