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Monthly Archives: July 2004

The A-Team Sequence

Every episode of the A-Team had a sequence where the team would spend their time welding, examining sheet metal and rolling 55 gallon drums around. This scene was filler to work around the general lack of content to the plot. This technique extends well past the A-Team, though, and it isn’t hard to find A-Team […]


Last week I got my first real gcjx patch from someone else – Ranjit implemented reading of zip and jar files. That’s a big step toward gcjx looking more like a real compiler. I’ve been busy too. I wrote the parts of inner class support that were missing, and as a result we’re down to […]


I wrote a pretty good piece of definite assignment, and gcjx is down to around 400 Jacks failures. There is some tricky code in Jacks, here’s my current favorite example: void foo() { final int v; new T165a3(v = 1) { int i = v; }; } What’s tricky about this is that a compiler […]

gcj happenings

There’s been a lot of interesting gcj and free Java work lately. Tom Fitzsimmons has made Slime Volleyball work in gcjwebplugin. That’s an important milestone for AWT work. Anthony Green has made a new ant task to make it easy to create native shared libraries from your Java code. He also got Eclipse 3 running […]

gcjx and jacks

I’ve been running gcjx through Jacks lately. This is an excellent test suite — basically they went through the JLS and turned each constraint into a test (or sometimes several). At this point I’ve got gcjx down to about 800 failures, which isn’t so bad considering its immaturity and that about one third of these […]