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Monthly Archives: June 2004

Schwartz -vs- Reality

There’s been a couple of reality-defying pronouncements (second one) from Sun folks. Who believes this junk? I liked this quote from McNealy: “Somebody’s got to be in charge, or nobody is”. Well, yeah, that’s a strength of our approach. Of course, it really doesn’t make much sense to talk this way. Yes, it is usually […]

Java Generics Oddity

I’ve been looking at Java generics a bit, and I found something a bit weird. Suppose you have a class like this: class k<T extends Throwable & Comparable> { int doSomething(T arg) { return arg.compareTo(this); } } First, note that Throwable doesn’t implement Comparable (and in fact multiple constraints aren’t very useful when one implements […]

gcjx and generics

This weekend I started work on generics in gcjx. I’ve got the parsing finished, and a fair amount of semantic analysis. Generic methods don’t work yet, and code generation needs a serious overhaul to handle the new code, but things are really coming along.

Free JavaOne

I read that there will be a Open Source Java panel at JavaOne this year. Thanks to Wes Felter for this, and for pointing out that Sun failed to invite any actual Free Java hackers to talk about this. I really messed up by not going to the conference this year. Bummer. So, on the […]

Postgres and Politics

A friend of mine is working on a Senate campaign here. This weekend I spent a little time helping him out. I imported some voter registration data from the county into postgres and ran a few queries. I haven’t done any database hacking before, so this was pretty fun. Of course I ran into all […]

Harry Potter 3

I liked this one the best of all three. I thought the visual style was more beautiful and evocative — I wish I had seen this movie as a kid. Also it was more suspenseful than the first two installments. It still isn’t as good as the books, unfortunately, but it is worth seeing.

GCC Summit

The GCC Summit was a big success — lots of people there, lots of interesting papers and discussions. The “statically typed trees” talk looked like an early favorite to me, but objects-in-C sort of turns me off; in the end my favorites were the keynote, the loop optimizer talk, and the autovectorization talk. While there […]