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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Random Musings

Bastien’s post set off a chain of memories for me today. I saw Soy Cuba a couple years ago at the library, and loved it. Once you get past the propaganda, and some of the goofy characterizations (the portrayal of Americans is particularly funny), you begin to realize what an interesting piece it truly is. […]

STL and gcjx

gcjx is written in C++ and uses the STL pervasively. It is in C++ as a compromise: it isn’t C, and I thought I could convince the GCC maintainers to allow a C++ front end. I felt that the Ada experience had probably soured most of them on using a more esoteric language, like Java. […]

Shrek 2

Shrek 2 was about what I expected — funny but not hilarious, nice graphics, simple storyline, and some clever subtle jokes. I enjoyed it quite a bit, I recommend it. Elyn like it better than the original, mostly due to less hype, I think.


Today I installed Mozilla on my girlfriend’s Windows box. What a pleasant experience that was — congratulations Mozilla hackers. She’s already using OpenOffice, and now she will be using free software for email and browsing. Free software has come a long way since those days ten years ago when a Tcl-based browser seemed like a […]


Last night I spent some time making the libgcj bytecode verifier a bit more generic. This is still preliminary, but basically the idea is to make it so that the verifier can be plugged into other environments. We plan to put it in the gcj front end as well, but other VM implementors might want […]


Sometimes you just need a short break to reset your mind a bit. The other day I was struggling with one particular gcjx bug. I came back to it tonight, after a grueling day hacking the Eclipse 3 build system, and it was suddenly trivial. So, good news. gcjx can now once again parse all […]

gcjx update

This weekend I finished enough of anonymous and inner class handling to check it in. gcjx is now back to generating code. There are some more fixes to come in this area. Recently I also added a few warnings; usually this is really simple in the new framework. Bryce had a nice idea, which was […]


Today I helped Anthony debug a libgcj problem over irc. I sure wish there were an easy way to hook an irc session up to an already-running gdb so we could interactively share the debugger. Anyone have a cool hack for this? Preferably one that has some sense built into it so that not just […]


Tom Fitzsimmons has modified JHBuild to build gcj. This is pretty cool, check it out. I’m hoping to convince him to add more packages, like GNU Crypto, to the mix. gcc The tree-ssa branch was merged into mainline today. Congratulations are in order to Diego and everyone else who worked on this, it’s been a […]


I’m still working on making anonymous, inner, and local classes behave properly. It’s been slow going, but mostly because it is spring and things are more social now. Nightly builds I finally investigated a couple nightly build problems. Now the API comparison pages should be working again. I still haven’t investigated the GNU Crypto check […]