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Monthly Archives: April 2004


Tonight I’ve been thinking about making Nyquil-flavored ice cream. I need sleep.

Free Java Meetings

I just got back from the Red Hat world-wide meeting. That was pretty cool, I met a lot of cool people, including many Java hackers, talked to a lot of people I already knew, lost a lot of sleep, etc. I also found out that I’m not the only Red Hatter in Colorado, which is […]

More on Eclipse

I checked in a bunch of Eclipse-discovered Classpath cleanups today. Fun. I’ve also done a fair amount of Eclipse debugging. For various reasons I don’t run FC 2 on my main machine, just on my old machine. But it is old and doesn’t have enough memory; in fact, not enough memory to run gdb on […]

Classpath and Eclipse

Surprisingly to me, there was some resistance from a couple Classpath folks to checking in the two files needed to let Classpath be checked out as an Eclipse project. Weird. Eclipse’s compiler found a lot of minor problems with Classpath – about 700 warnings, most of which are trivia like unused import statements. Mixed in […]

Eclipse and Classpath

Tonight I set up Classpath as an Eclipse project. This was pretty easy, really, just fiddling with exclusion filters and other build trivia until it worked. I had to make a couple little hacks to get this to work. In particular I had to make my own by hand. There are a few plausible […]

distcc for gcj?

Anthony writes about approaches to make distcc work well with gcj. This is tricky because distcc works by preprocessing your C or C++ source locally, then shipping the result to another machine for compilation. There seem to be a few plausible approaches to doing this. One approach is to modify gcj itself. gcj could read […]


This was billed as a comedy, but in the end I laughed honestly only at one point in the movie — the bit with the brown sauce. But otherwise, when I laughed, I was laughing at the movie, or at the incredible stupidity of its characters. I really disliked it, on the order of Va […]

More Free Java

I read an interesting bit in Gosling’s blog. Check out the fourth bullet about patent licenses and other legalities. One suspects that perhaps he’s wrong about this, though, just as he’s wrong about free software. He writes: “[Stallman] has his own rather peculiar definition of “Free” that I think violates the First Law of Thermodynamics […]

Free Java

RMS posted his Java Trap article. It is basically reasonable, the sorts of things we’ve been talking about for a while. The reader comments are amazingly trollish, about what I expect from the non-free Java world these days. Personal favorite quote: “I mean, if GCJ is languishing miserably and is continuing to bump along the […]

Gnome and Java

I belatedly read a lot of the Java/JVM/C#/.NET discussion on desktop-devel-list. I wish I’d been involved, bummer. Next time. This weekend I’m going on a short vacation to Santa Fe. We’re going to stay with Mark Galassi again, that’ll be fun. I really need this vacation… hopefully when I get back I’ll be more motivated […]