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Monthly Archives: March 2004

gcjx, politics, Tutu, Maude

gcjx update This weekend saw many minor improvements: a round of “fixme” removal, some internal cleanups I’d meant to do (e.g., caching the constant-ness of an expression). I also wrote a couple nice warnings (unused import and use of a static member in a non-static context), plus I wrote folding code for constant expressions. So […]

gcj stuff

GCC 3.4 is coming out soon. I think this will, unfortunately, be the worst gcj release in quite a while. Basically no one worked on looking at bugs, and it turns out there are some dumb ones in there – but now it is too late in the release cycle to fix them. More generally […]

Monotone, etc.

Monotone saugart mentions monotone in his Planet Classpath entry. One thing we’ve been wanting to do here is use monotone to help with libgcj/classpath merges. The idea is to reduce the cost of these merges and make it much easier for us to share work across the different projects and branches. Monotone isn’t quite there […]

Triplets of Belleville

It was very strange to see this in a theater, since it isn’t the sort of movie I would expect to get a wide theatrical release. Anyway, it is a fun and quirky adventure comic. I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially the horsey noises made by the bikers.

gcjx "progress"

More gcjx progress. I added a little more access checking code (still not complete yet), and now gcjx will successfully not compile libgcj. gcj has an access protection bug that lets through invalid code, and such code has snuck through a couple of times. Sigh.

Free Java and Else

Free Java Today I sent a non-open letter to Bob Sutor, the IBM guy raising all the fuss with Sun about making Java free. I figured, why couldn’t IBM work with the already existing free world, in addition to talking to Sun? I’ll post if I get an interesting response. gcjx This weekend, gcjx generated […]

Progress on many fronts

Everyone has read and is talking about Havoc’s article. It’s great to see this debate taking place. Of course, I’m in the “let’s use gcj camp”. I think gcj is an excellent solution to these sorts of problems. For instance, in general I think JIT approaches are over-rated, most applications are mostly static and can […]

Not quite code generation

This weekend I made the bytecode generation parts of gcjx actually compile. There are still crashing bugs in this code, and parts are missing, so even if it didn’t crash you still wouldn’t see .class files. Work here has pointed out how I cut corners to get to this point, so I’m having to go […]

Swimming Pool

This was an interesting movie, enjoyable, but not what I was expecting. I was expecting something darker, I’m glad it didn’t live up to the reports I had heard. On the other hand I was also expecting something a little more engaging as well. It does have its moments, though, and I found it pretty […]


With David Mamet you certainly know what you’re getting: usually a well-crafted story with interesting but weirdly-delivered dialog and several plot twists. Spartan doesn’t disappoint. In the movie, Val Kilmer plays a Marine, the sort of guy who is single-mindedly focused on his mission. He explains that he is a shooter, that he isn’t a […]