Archive for December, 2003

New Java Extensions

Recently I’ve read the papers describing new Java extensions:
generics, static imports, boxing conversion, enums, and the extended for

The extensions generally look ok, though in some cases they suffer
a bit from backward compatibility. The real disappointment, though,
is in the papers themselves. I’ve found errors in some of them
(typos, but also more serious problems where the proposed grammar
disagrees with the examples). My general impression is that they
were edited in a rush.


There’s a steamy new romance set in the halls of the New York
District Attorney’s office. It is called “Law and Ardour”.

Lost in Translation

Parts of this movie overstayed their welcome. Generally, though,
it was a nice exposition of a certain kind of despair, the kind that
ordinarily visits me in hotel rooms and at the holidays. In a sense
this is the perfect Christmas movie.

It doesn’t really deserve the big reviews I’ve seen, though.
After a while I get tired of despair. And unfortunately while the
movies understand fun, they have a difficult time with joy.