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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean

This was really quite lousy, though I enjoyed Johnny Depp as always, except for the annoying way he spoke from time to time. I saw a preview and Disney is making another movie based on a theme park ride, this time The Haunted Mansion. Sigh.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Watching this was interesting, at least provided I was thinking about not what I was watching on the screen but instead something vaguely connected to it. The heroes of the 19th century seem so very dated now. For instance, Nemo, master of the technology of the time, striving to create a “better” world while operating […]

Winged Migration

Today I went to see Winged Migration. This is an incredible film, and for me a personally moving experience. It is visually stunning and poetic, as I’m sure all the reviewers have noted. Marcello Mastroianni once said that he liked nature shows, but not ones about birds or fish. It’s too bad he didn’t live […]

Copyright and Morality

Last night on some cable news show — I really can’t stand these things, so I don’t always pay close attention to the particulars – there was a discussion about copyright and morality. One of the hosts was incredulous at the fact that his kids viewed music downloading as no big deal. “Why don’t they […]

Goat Book Review

The Goat Book got a nice review recently. And more strangely my parents met a guy in Charlottesville who has read it.


I’ve recently looked at monotone. Monotone is a very cool version control system. It is still too young to be used for real, but it is definitely a big step in a direction I like. It is really different from the “standard” tools we’re all used to – the ones that work like RCS, or […]