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You may have noticed that I have not blogged for quite some time.  I’ve been otherwise engaged… Olive Emmanuelle Tromey was born May 1.  As you can see, she appears to have an outlook on life quite similar to Elyn’s and mine. We’ve been posting oodles of photos of her on facebook, so if you’re […]


While we were watching a ball in a TV adaptation of Northanger Abbey last night, Elyn hit upon a genius idea: DDR Georgian Edition.  Just the thing for those Austen revival parties!

Therapy Aggregator

Yesterday I set up a new blog aggregator for Elyn. It is called “All About Psychotherapy and Counseling“, and aggregates blogs from various therapists, including her. Setting this stuff up is pretty easy — I used WordPress, because the hosting service makes it very, very easy to install, and because Elyn already knows how to […]

System Administration Madness

This weekend our wireless router went on the fritz, so I replaced it. Naturally, this turned into a multi-day, hair-pulling ordeal. First, the new wireless box did not play well with the DSL router. For some reason, it was apparently programmed with an extra error check, so I couldn’t get its built-in DHCP server to […]

This Year’s T-Shirt

You can see this year’s unofficial GCC t-shirt here.  As it turns out, it fit in nicely with Ian’s second (surprise) talk about using C++ in GCC.

GCC Shirt

Thanks to Elyn, my t-shirt design from last year’s GCC Summit is now available. I made a new GCC t-shirt yesterday, but you’ll have to wait for the summit to see it.

Would you do it again for free?

Thursday night I finally made it to a BLUG meeting. Stormy Peters from OpenLogic gave a talk titled “Would you do it again for free?” Her talk covered some familiar ground — intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, a list of motivations that free software developers claim (or that are claimed by others), the various methods of […]

Random Updates

I heard about Dolt recently. This is a minimal replacement for libtool that works only on Linux. It seems like a great idea, long overdue… though of course for new programs you should just use Quagmire, which, as I’ve said before, replaces libtool with two lines of code. I’m into lisp these days, so much […]


A couple weeks ago we had to euthanize our dog Liver. She had a brain tumor and was in a lot of distress. As those of you who met her will know, Liver was a high-strung and difficult dog; it’s appropriate that she’s wearing her muzzle in the only photo I have to hand. Now, […]

Elyn’s Practice

Elyn’s new web site for her therapy practice is up and running. We’ve read (mostly in Psychotherapy Networker) that a web site is the second most important advertising resource for therapists, after word-of-mouth. The days of people looking for therapists in the phone book are over… another little detail of how the internet has changed […]