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Man on Wire

This movie came recommended by my friend Dave Bourgeois. Awesome film! A documentary in the Errol Morris style; it managed to keep me in suspense until the end, even though I already knew how it ended.  Also, it had some extra emotional impact because the WTC played such a central role.


Taken is a revenge movie.  The hero’s daughter is kidnapped while on a trip to Paris.  The rest of the movie is the story of him killing and maiming his way through the echelons of the kidnapping ring to rescue her.  This movie was pretty dark and made a bit more disturbing by the fact […]


Elyn got me this DVD for Christmas.  Aside from being a “spaghetti eastern” (har, har), it is a lovely meditation on the universal act of eating. This is such an unusual film that I’ve been thinking a bit about what attracts me to it.  I like the joy and the quietness of it — I […]

Quantum of Solace

I don’t care what the critics say.  This was a solid action film that dispensed with most of the stuff I hate about Bond — the dumb lines, the invisible cars, the 50s concept of suave.  The plot was a bit undeveloped, but I managed to turn that into a plus by telling myself that […]

Get Smart, Indiana Jones

The X Files: Indiana Jones started off badly. I blinked during the first scene and missed Indy’s dismal entrance; the acting and even the set in this scene was terrible; the magical physics where a wooden box makes an enormous difference in a magnetic field were annoying; and who thought of this crazy crossover anyway? […]


I’ve heard good things about this film over the years. It was even better than I had heard — funny, and also moving. I recommend it highly.

Lars and the Real Girl

Usually a movie with just one joke gets old halfway through. Not so with Lars — this was a sweet, quiet, funny movie that I enjoyed thoroughly. I recommend it.

Vantage Point

This was a decent action movie, though not one I would see a second time. I suppose that puts it in the second or maybe third tier. It is film with a gimmick — it rewinds and shows the action, again, from someone else’s viewpoint. Sometimes these gimmicks are irritating, though this one didn’t bother […]

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

We had read a lukewarm review of this on imdb, but we went anyway — and loved it. The plot is a bit thin, perhaps, but the movie has a sweet heart, the cast is good, and the sets and costumes are fantastic.

Charlie Bartlett

We went to an early screening (theater release Feb 22) of Charlie Bartlett last night. It was part of BIFF, playing at the Boulder Theater. This is a pretty good teen film — funny without being a comedy. It meandered at times but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The actors are very good. Afterward […]