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People were dancing in the streets in Boulder on Tuesday night.  The police shut down Broadway where it goes across the Pearl Street Mall. We went down around midnight or one.  The crowd was young, for the most part; college students and Obama volunteers. Still, I have never seen anything like that here since the […]

Postgres at BLUG

Despite my lackluster performance at a talk last month (about Emacs, what else?) the Boulder LUG let me attend another meeting.  Thanks! This past Thursday’s topic was PostgreSQL, presented by Kevin Kempter.  I’d say about 40 people attended, which for BLUG translates to standing room only.  Databases are a hot topic. I was fascinated by […]

Would you do it again for free?

Thursday night I finally made it to a BLUG meeting. Stormy Peters from OpenLogic gave a talk titled “Would you do it again for free?” Her talk covered some familiar ground — intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, a list of motivations that free software developers claim (or that are claimed by others), the various methods of […]

Elyn’s Practice

Elyn’s new web site for her therapy practice is up and running. We’ve read (mostly in Psychotherapy Networker) that a web site is the second most important advertising resource for therapists, after word-of-mouth. The days of people looking for therapists in the phone book are over… another little detail of how the internet has changed […]

Mount Ida

Last weekend we stayed in Estes Park and were finally able to get to the Mount Ida trailhead early enough to summit. We’ve been trying to do this for a few years but usually arrive too late, and get scared off by the weather. Here’s a photo of Elyn on the summit; you can see […]


Last week was the Conference on World Affairs. I generally try to make it to a few sessions, but this year it overlapped with other plans. I even missed the movie (Chinatown), though Ebert was out sick, so it probably wasn’t as entertaining as usual. Still, I did manage to make it to a few […]

Whither Movies?

Benjamin has been asking me about my mini movie reviews, and I’ve been basically ignoring him. The sad truth is, the movie situation in Boulder sucks right now. They’re building a new movie theater at 29th Street (which is what replaced the old mall), but it won’t be done for months and months. However, anticipating […]

BarCampBoulder Saturday

Saturday I spent at BarCampBoulder. Going to this event “isn’t really like me”… I generally don’t do that well with groups of people where I don’t know anybody. I did recognize a face or two from the local LUG, but no one I’d actually talked to before. I always feel a bit pulled out of […]


Tonight I went to the starting session of BarCampBoulder. It is pretty cool so far — I met a bunch of interesting people, the schedule for tomorrow looks fun, etc. Most of the folks attending seem to be doing web development of one kind or another; lots of RoR hackers around. So, considering that my […]

Feeding the beast

The other day at the library I realized that, once again, I’ve been missing a lot of good free movies because I never remember to look at the calendar. So, I decided to feed the beast a little: I sent email to a few organizations I like, asking them to consider publishing their (currently lame) […]