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People were dancing in the streets in Boulder on Tuesday night.  The police shut down Broadway where it goes across the Pearl Street Mall. We went down around midnight or one.  The crowd was young, for the most part; college students and Obama volunteers. Still, I have never seen anything like that here since the […]

When Robots Attack

Tonight we got one of the famed McCain robo-calls.  Living as we do in a swing state, I’m a bit surprised it didn’t happen earlier. As these calls go, it wasn’t too bad.  There was only one lie, by omission. What is weird is that, first, we’re registered Democrats.  Second, we voted by mail more […]


Last week was the Conference on World Affairs. I generally try to make it to a few sessions, but this year it overlapped with other plans. I even missed the movie (Chinatown), though Ebert was out sick, so it probably wasn’t as entertaining as usual. Still, I did manage to make it to a few […]