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Category Archives: Emacs

Difficulties of elisp

The thesis that underlies my project to translate the Emacs C code to Common Lisp is that Emacs Lisp is close enough to Common Lisp that the parts of the Emacs C code that implement Lisp can be dropped in favor of the generally superior CL implementation.  This is generally true, but there are a […]

Emacs and Common Lisp, Part 2

This is a followup to my earlier post on converting the Emacs C code into Common Lisp.  This one is a bit more technical, diving into some specifics of the conversion process. Basics One important fact is that we do not need to convert an arbitrary C program to Common Lisp.  This might or might […]

Emacs and Common Lisp

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to rebase Emacs on Common Lisp. First, why rebase?  Performance is the biggest reason.  Emacs Lisp is a very basic lisp implementation.  It has a primitive garbage collector and basic execution model, and due to how it is written, it is quite hard to improve this in place. Seccond, […]


I’ve been running an Emacs built from bzr for a while now.  I did this so I could try a newer version of Semantic; the one in Emacs 23 is just too broken to use. Semantic, in case you haven’t heard of it, is an ambitious project to turn Emacs into an IDE.  Really it […]

Blog Reading Solved

I wrote a while ago about my blog-reading woes.  Those woes are now over! Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, of Gnus and gmane fame, has now brought us gwene — an RSS to NNTP gateway.  You enter the feeds you want to read, and soon they show up as newsgroups in gmane.  Thanks also should go to […]

Fun with rewriting

There’s a fun source rewriting trick that I’ve wanted to try out for a long time — and I finally got a chance to do it while working on the multi-threading patch for Emacs. The Problem In the multi-threaded Emacs, a let binding must be thread-local, because this is really the only way to manage […]

package.el and Emacs

It looks like package.el is going to go into Emacs after all.  I’m psyched! I made a git branch (still local) to hack on this. Of course, now I realize that there are bugs to fix and features to add and cleanups to make before this is really feasible…

Emacs and Threading, Take 2

I’ve recanted. Contrary to my earlier post on this topic, I now think implementing threading in Emacs is possible. A patch from Giuseppe Scrivano inspired me, and I started my own patch to do it. This was sort of fun. I wrote a batch script in elisp to rewrite some of the Emacs sources — […]

Emacs 23

Much to my surprise, the Fedora Emacs maintainers pushed Emacs 23 into the (ostensibly stable) Fedora 11 repository.  I was a bit afraid to upgrade, since Emacs really is the cornerstone of my entire workflow.  My desire for new features quickly overcame my fear, though. The first thing you will notice is that Emacs is […]

Wish List Item

I’ve been trying for a while to figure out how best to read blogs. Right now I use three different methods — I use iGoogle for some things, plain old web browsing for some, and then gnus for one feed.  What a pain!  I’ve also tried other readers in the past — a couple web-based […]