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Follow Up

Phil pointed out to me that the author of “The No Asshole Rule” has a blog. It looks pretty good, give it a read.

Fedora -vs- BBDB

Last night I packaged BBDB for Fedora. I submitted it to Extras. I’ve also got most of a package for ERC ready. Let me know if you want either one, I will make them available somewhere.


Roman writes disparagingly of proposals to add properties to Java. Properties seemed cool when I first heard about them. They seem like a nice tool for maintaining source compatibility — for allowing local refactorings between fields and methods, without requiring massive changes to the rest of the code. In gcjx, I used something a bit […]

Emacs Tip

Both Andrew Cowie and Behdad wrote recently about spell-checking comments in code. I thought it would be worth pointing out that Emacs can do this for you while you type. Try M-x flyspell-prog-mode. I enable this in various hooks so that is on by default when I’m hacking C, Java, Python, etc.

Gnome 3.0 links

I’ve been reading about Gnome 3.0 lately and I’ve run across some interesting links. I thought the lazuli mockups looked quite nice. One problem I see in Gnome is that many programs feel quite heavy — e.g., I use evolution only for its calendar, and it seems like an awful lot of UI for something […]

Auto-tools talk

On September 12 I’ll be in Fort Collins, at the NCLUG meeting, giving a talk about Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool. I haven’t been involved in the auto-tools for quite a while, but I still know enough to give a tutorial :-). I gave a similar talk at the Boulder LUG a while back (a few […]


I’m in Toronto this week, visiting the office and talking with co-workers. It is as great here as always; I love the occasional visit to a big city, riding the subway, etc — doing the kinds of things you can’t do in Boulder. Seeing folks face-to-face occasionally is also very helpful for my morale; brainstorming […]

Web Pages

I’ve been looking at moving my blog to something less lame – right now I can’t blog while I’m traveling, which is why I still haven’t written about my trip to the Red Hat Summit. I’ve also been looking at other software for creating web sites. While exploring I ran across the Open Source CMS […]

A Couple libgcj Updates

I’ve been working steadily on replacing gcj’s front end with the Java compiler from Eclipse. This is largely working now. I have a new main program for the Eclipse compiler, and I have gcc set up to invoke this (via the magic of gcc specs — an evil little ad hoc scripting language that you […]

Eclipse and Teams

In Classpath we’ve narrowly avoided most of the team-related Eclipse problems Daniel Berrange mentions encountering. Partly this has been because we’re all mad free software hackers, and so we don’t even try to ensure we all have the same tools. Instead folks doing development in Eclipse have a choice of operating systems and of virtual […]